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Modern Plumbing Maintenance & Services In Texas

With the rising water utility costs continuing to grow institutional and commercial facilities are taking a closer look at the efficiency of plumbing systems. Upgrading of aging and failing systems can help them address these challenges and operate more sustainably. The challenge for plumbers is to find water wasting components and upgrading them to address the problems.

There is no end to the common problems with plumbing systems and fixtures like noisy pipes, sticking valves, dripping fixtures that will not close all the way, excessive water use, water hammer, continuous water flow in piping after shut-off, and leaks in pipe walls, valve packing, and fixture seals. Then there are problems like pump and ejector failures, clogs, backups, overflows, and invasions by tree roots.
Adding the right plumbing improvements can help you save energy and water at home. Newer plumbing equipment is more reliable and some upgrades help you prevent expensive breakdowns or leaks. Improved plumbing increases the value of your home. Some of the most popular plumbing improvements include updating fixtures, installing a new water heater, or adding garbage disposal.
Modern plumbing fixtures use flow restrictors and faucet aerators to reduce the water flow in your kitchen and bathrooms without lowering your water pressure. A flow restrictor limits the flow of water while a faucet aerator mixes air with the water from a faucet. This makes your water pressure seem higher and allows you to use less water for routine tasks such as washing your hands.
A storage water heater can be replaced with a tankless water heater as they only heat water when you need it hence they save energy and lower your utility bills. They also last about twice as long as conventional storage water heaters and provide hot water faster.
Garbage disposal prevents food from clogging the sink and gets rid of bad smells by flushing waste down the drain instead of letting it sit in your sink. It also helps to avoid pests such as roaches or fruit flies so as to maintain a hygienic kitchen.
Upgrading your plumbing lies in the pipes in your home can save money. Whether you build a new home or if you have bought an old home most of the may not be properly insulated. As they lack proper insulation, pipes lose heat, which causes your water heater to work harder and results in excess water waste. Insulating these pipes eliminate heat loss, especially during the winter. In old houses, the pipes installed are made of galvanized steel, which is prone to corrosion causing them to clog frequently. It is advisable to replace these pipes with copper.
One of the best ways to save money is to buy a gray water” recycling system. This system moves the water from your showers, faucets, and other fixtures (excluding the toilet) and either pumps them into the garden and landscaping or fills an exterior reservoir. As this water doesn’t come from the toilet there is no worry of contamination.
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