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Latest Trends In Smart Plumbing Technology | Waterkaty

When we think of the plumbing at home the first thing rushing into our mind is leaky, rust-stained pipes dripping endlessly in the basement. Today’s plumbing industry is highly advanced than we can imagine with earth-friendly systems, technological novelties, and unique conservation methods. Technological advancements in the plumbing industry have successfully offered homeowners with better products, services, and options.

Almost all industry has been affected by the “green” movement and plumbing is no exception as wasted water is one of the biggest conservation issues. Green has been the buzz word for a few decades now. Plumbing technology has focused on green living and has become an industry-standard today. All modern professional plumbers have become aware of the many benefits that these products can deliver and have been consciously recommending them to clients. Many plumbing contractors say that the demand for green living products is high. Recycling of greywater can be used to flush toilets and service other areas of the home.

Tankless water heaters have been used for a long time now though these types of water heaters were first used in commercial installations. Recently tankless water heaters have become permanent fixtures in many homes. These tankless water heaters are also known as on-demand water heaters because of their ability to deliver hot water any time and comes with an anti-scald feature to protect users which can also be installed on sinks or showers. 

The self-cleaning toilet makes use of tablets that are hooked to the tank or bowl. Installing it to the refill valve takes away the worry of having to scrub the toilet ever. There is no doubt that this type of technology will become better in the not so distant future.

Advanced shower heads come equipped with a Bluetooth device to play music as you take a shower. Some of them also come with LED lights to display different shades of light as we enjoy the bath.

Washing dishes has been a tedious job but the invention of the dishwasher recycling options has made it easier with less use of water. An automated smart irrigation system ensures lawns are watered regularly and shuts down automatically when it is about to rain. Greywater recycling plays a major role in water conservation. Water from the kitchen or showers is recycled and used for watering plants and cleaning. 

Smart appliances allow users to save and conserve water. New appliances are equipped with computer chips with automatic sensing abilities while others can be controlled directly through smartphones.

Motion sensing faucets are becoming a trend in most houses which were found earlier in hotels and commercial buildings. Touch-free toilets have become popular today as more and more people prefer it as it is hygienic and prevents bacterial infection.  Kitchen faucet shuts off the water supply automatically after a few seconds of use to avoid continuous running of water or smart toilets are getting popular due to their ability to sense how much water is needed for flushing are some of the latest technology used. There are water heaters equipped with smart thermostats that automatically adjust the water temperature so you’ll have the perfect mix of hot and cold upon opening.  Plumbers and homeowners are switching on to new plumbing trends as it saves money time and water.

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