How to Fix a Dripping Faucet

When we think of the plumbing at home the first thing rushing into our mind is leaky, rust-stained pipes dripping endlessly in the basement. Today’s plumbing industry is highly advanced than we can imagine with earth-friendly systems, technological novelties, and unique conservation methods. Technological advancements in the plumbing industry has successfully offered homeowners with better products, services, and options.

No one likes to hear the drip, drip, drip of a leaking faucet. At first glance, it may seem like a simple leak coming from under your kitchen sink or a clogged toilet. But did you know a leaky faucet could possibly mean that there is something more serious going on with your pipes?

To prevent pipes from leaking in the first place, it is important to make sure that all of these factors are under control. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, call a licensed plumber from your neighbourhood to perform an inspection before a small leak turns into a disaster. If you ignore leaking pipes or a clogged toilet long enough they can wreak havoc on your entire home. Poor water quality, warped and stained walls, invasive black mold, and flooding are some of the ways leaky pipes damage your whole house and end up costing a fortune.

If you see a warped or stained wall in your home it is most likely from leaky pipes. This damage, if unchecked, can lower the value of your home, costing you greatly in the future if you have plans to sell it. Having to replace a wall and the plumbing behind it can be costly as well.

Almost all industry has been affected by the “green” movement and plumbing is no exception as wasted water is one of the biggest conservation issues. Green has been the buzz word for a few decades now. Plumbing technology has focused on green living and has become an industry standard today. All modern professional plumbers have become aware of the many benefits that these products can deliver and have been consciously recommending them to clients. Many plumbing contractors say that the demand for green living products are high. Recycling of grey water can be used to flush toilets and service other areas of the home.

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