We are Houston’s trusted local source for all your plumbing needs whether you have a clogged drain, stopped up toilet, faucet leak, sewer line problem, water leak, or need a water heater repair. We also offer full installation services – pipes, drains, faucet, toilet, sink, garbage disposal, water heater, etc.

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Our Affordable Drain Cleaning and Plumbing trucks have cable machines that are operated by an electric motor that rotates a drum containing special high tensile wire-wound flexible cable. On the working end of the cable is attached one of several cutting heads available. The cable spins within the drain line, cutting into the blockage thus clearing the clogged drain.

When you discover that you have a clogged drain in your home, don’t panic! Your local and Affordable #Drain Cleaning services Can help you with all of your plumbing needs. That includes drain cleaning and clog removal. No matter what is going on inside your pipes, we have the best equipment as well as the best plumbing techs to take care of the problem.

Your clogged drains may be caused by something as simple as grease from your kitchen or it can be something a little more difficult such as roots from a tree growing near your pipes. With either problem, you will find that Affordable Drain Cleaning has the equipment to take care of the problem. Katy Plumbing Services is also able to meet all of your commercial needs. Apartment complexes, shopping centers, restaurants, schools, pool drains, area and storm drains, industrial facilities, parks, and recreation facilities all have very special and different needs. Our technicians have the experience to handle those large sewer lines, storm, and irrigation lines that have become clogged or impacted with roots or other debris. Each of these areas has specific needs. These issues can be heavy grease build-up, cast iron scale, root intrusions, beach sand or other foreign debris. We will assess your problem and approach your special needs with special resolve. High-Pressure Hydro-Jetting with specific heads at specific psi is used in conjunction with sewer cameras to clear these areas and locate possible troubled areas

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