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People always ignore the signs of a clog. What starts off as a small clog ends up being something that requires a lot of money and work.

It’s really important, as a homeowner, that you know how to tell if your plumbing is bad so that you can address small issues before they become larger ones. It is difficult to tell if your plumbing needs work because it’s a system that mostly remains hidden from plain sight. There are some signs where you can tell that you require your neighbourhood plumber to visit you.

Here are some of the common symptoms to tell if your pipes are bad somewhere in the depths of your plumbing system:

When you hear odd sounds coming from the faucets like screech that come from the faucet when turned on. Any sound coming from the pipes usually indicates that there is air in them. Another common issue is low water pressure. Though it is a very common issue, especially in older homes, it can be caused by a number of problems. Low water pressure indicates that there is a leak in the system, a clog somewhere in your pipes (possibly in multiple places), or poorly sized pipes that fail to provide water pressure.

Another problem home owner’s face is unpleasant smells coming from the drains. There are different reasons for unpleasant smells emanating from your plumbing. If the smell is just in your kitchen sink, it could be that scraps of food are building up in the drainpipe and decaying. If you smell rotten eggs, it’s possible that you have a blocked drain vent that is allowing sewer gas to back up into your pipes and enter your home. If you notice a smell coming from all of your drains and experience frequent clogging, your sewer line could be damaged. Although these problems do vary in severity, a professional plumber must be called in to figure out exactly what is going on.

We all have slow drains from time to time. Slow drains indicate a blockage in the pipes. If you find stains on your ceiling it can indicate a plumbing leak if there is a bathroom located above it. Also, stained or warped walls and floors could be a sign of a leaking pipe and accumulating water.

When your hot water is suddenly much hotter than usual there could be some issues with your water heater. Even it could be the other way round, hot water that never seems to get past lukewarm. Leakage from a water heater could be more problematic if it comes from the bottom.

If you notice any of these problems in your home, call your neighbourhood plumber as soon as possible so as to diagnose and fix the issue. Usually, homeowners try and deal with plumbing issues on their own, often end up causing more damage.

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