Common Plumbing Problems & How to Fix Them

In the plumbing industry, there’s always a chance. Constant innovations are making plumbers find new ways to overcome installation challenges.

In the construction industry today, houses are being designed and built-in many different ways. Modern buildings have been increasingly using timber for construction. Plumbers find it difficult to work and have been increasingly using flexible plastic pipes which are not only easier to cut but can easily be weaved through the joists. Plastic push-fits are ideal as they do not require special tools and can be fitted and refitted with ease.

Domestic properties are being built to allow maximum light levels, often incorporating large volumes of glass in the design. It’s impossible to hang a radiator or any other heating system on a glass wall and so under-floor Heating is the only effective solution. With smart devices making an entry, smart controls are taking over the traditional heating controls where you can control the temperature for individual rooms allowing users to regulate individual room temperature remotely and save money spent in heating rooms, not in use.

Bronze, copper, and iron are being phased out and plastic plumbing coming in, plumbers and installers continue to look for more durable and easy-to-install materials for first-fix plumbing so as to reduce installation times. This has spiked up the use of plastic pipes and fittings as they are versatile, durable, practically leak-proof, and easy to transport and install.

Under-floor heating is more affordable and hidden away. They are more energy-efficient. UFH uses radiant heat, which is the most comfortable form of heating as it gives an even distribution of warmth over the whole room as the heat is transferred through the floor. Radiators transfer energy using convection as it heats the air above and around the radiator at a much higher temperature, and this warm air rises which gives an uneven distribution of heat and also makes the floor the coolest place in the room. Under-floor heating systems are hidden allowing more space for interior design and a clean decorative finish which means you can utilize the space of the room to the best of your ability.

Many household owners don’t even realize that their home appliances, like toilets and sinks, might be using more water due to small damages. Occasional check-ups and maintenance are essential to keep water consumption low and avoid accidents. Modern toilets do not only reduce consumption but can also use more sustainable solutions such as rainwater.

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