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Depending on the age of your home, you will most likely need the services of a plumber at least once every three years. There are a number of reasons that affect how long your plumbing will work before you call your neighborhood professional plumber.

Smelly tap water is a common problem in many of the household, Sometimes you get the smell of sewage, dirt or rotten eggs. Presence of food particles and other organic waste in your drain causes this smell. Sometimes, this smell only occurs when you turn the hot water on and that is because of the bacteria that are growing in your hot water tank.  You may also get the smell that of a swimming pool or bleach which could have been caused by too much chlorine in the water or a metallic smellcaused by corrosion of the copper that is used for plumbing in the house.

Smelly toilets are usually caused by contaminated water sources, a common problem for homes that have a septic system. Bacteria in the septic tank break down organic waste. Due to the harmful products people use, thee bacteria gets affected and slows down the rate at which organic waste is digested and as a result these organic waste gets into the drain before it is fully digested resulting in blockageswhich eventually contaminates the underground water.

Leaking faucetsis one of the most common plumbing problems in most homes. Leaking faucets are annoying. A small leak might seem inconsequential but the cumulative effect is huge. If you have a septic system, a leaking faucet causes hydraulic overload in the septic tank affecting the efficiency of the bacteria in the digesting of the organic waste.  

Leaking pipes make a huge mess in your home and garden in addition to causing serious damage to property. Leaking pipes are usually caused by normal wear and tear or some other physical damage that might cause the pipes to break.

In toilets,after each flush, water fills the tank thereby lifting a floater which shuts of the water as soon as it reaches a certain level. There is a lever that usually opens a flapper to allow for flushing and it falls back into position whenever the water level drops. This mechanism of operation can fail thereby resulting in the flush running constantly.

Frozen pipes typically happen during winter. Water expands as it freezes exerting pressure on the water pipesresulting in bursting of pipes. Pipes that are in any unheated segment of your home like the basement, garage, and attic can also freeze in winter.

There are some reasons why pipes can be noisy. When the pipes are not held firmly in place, the rushing water can make them rattle. When the pressure of water is higher than normal, it can cause the pipes to vibrate thereby making noise. When a rush of water in a narrow pipe suddenly hits a closed valve it causes a hammering sound.

A slow or clogged drain can be annoying. Not only does the water flow too slowly but it also leaves behind a greasy residue in the bathtub and in the sinks when the water finally drains out. Slow and clogged drains are caused by a number of factors.

A common cause of home odors is the dying out of a trap in your basement floor drain thereby giving septic tank gases room to vent back into your home. Another common cause of odors in the home is a frozen or damaged vent. The sump pump could also cause home odors especially if the cover on the ejector sump pump basket is not sealed properly.

Plumbing is often misconstrued to be messy, complicated and hard work. The more you delay in fixing the plumbing problems, the worse it gets.


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