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Most of us surely find it frustrating to live with a broken tap, leaky pipe, undone toilet flush, or low water pressure during our long showers. But somehow we live with it or we have to, as we have no idea how to get it fixed. This is when we search for a plumber in our neighborhood.

It’s a cold morning and you’re ready for a hot shower. But it seems to take forever until the water warms up. If you have a very large home, then the culprit could belong to pipe lengths between the water heater and the bathroom. If you’re having a home built, that’s not a necessary evil — talk to your plumber about the plumbing system design to see what options you have. For example, a re-circulation pump or point source instantaneous unit might be options to consider. While being the least exciting system in the home, plumbing is an important part of a healthy home.

Plumbing includes all of the water supply and water waste lines. When the home’s foundation is built, a plumber runs a supply line from the street through the foundation wall or the slab. From that point, they run the lines that supply water to the home to rooms where sinks, bathtubs, showers, and other fixtures will be installed.

Copper piping is the traditional material most often used for water supply lines, although some plastic piping materials are gaining popularity. The drain waste vent pipe is part of a home’s plumbing system that is specifically used to carry wastewater down and away from the home and allows sewer gases to be pushed out through the roof. Drain waste vent pipes are typically plastic.

The plumbing system is required to keep the home’s occupants safe, including:

  • Automatic anti-scald feature at each shower fixture to keep water from getting too hot.
  • Traps at each fixture to keep harmful sewer gases from leaking into the home. A trap is a curved section of the plumbing pipe that seals the pipe to prevent sewer gas from getting into the home. It’s also known as a p-trap. Traps also help prevent unwanted items, like hair or debris, or things that fall down the drain, like rings, from going down the drain and getting stuck in the waste system.
  • Drain waste vent pipes to push out harmful sewer gases through the roof.

It’s easy to think that when water goes down your drain it’s out of your life forever. While that is partially true, that water also has to go somewhere. If you have issues with your sewer or water line, you’ll find that the ‘somewhere’ is usually back into your house or bubbling out of your ground. Sewer and water line repairs and replacement are needed when pipes going from your house to the mainline break from old age or because of a conspicuously placed tree root.

The plumber also installs the gas lines in the home because the materials and tools needed are similar to those traditionally used for plumbing. Gas supply lines can be black iron or flexible stainless steel or flexible copper pipe. Gas is distributed through the home by a single pipeline that has other pipes branching from it, or by a manifold, which is a pipe with several outlets for supplying multiple pipes.

The plumbing system also includes a water heater. The most common types of water heaters are gas, electric, and oil. If you have a gas water heater, direct vented is most desirable. If that’s not an option, the second choice is power vented. Direct vented and power-assisted are terms that describe how gases generated by the water heater are released from your home, which is critical for you and your family’s health. Direct and power vented gas hot water heaters are less susceptible to combustion gases flowing back into the home because they force combustion gases out of the house.

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Remember, the choices you make regarding your plumbing system will help ensure your home performs the way you want it to, and that it’s absolutely safe for you and your family.